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Alice aux Pays des Merveilles Bronze Sculpture

Alice aux Pays des Merveilles

Alice aux Pays des Merveilles

Salvador Dali

 Hauteur 90.5 cm | Height 35.62 inches
Sculpture en bronze | Bronze sculpture

Numérotée sur 350 exemplaires + 35 E.A | Numbered out of 350 pieces + 35 A.P
3 Certificats d’authenticité | 3 Certificates of authenticity 
Prix sur demande | Price on request


Like Alice in Wonderland, Dalí travelled a long and arduous road through the land of dreams, by means of his artistic expression. The artist was clearly drawn to both the incredible story-line and the extravagant characters in this intoxicating fairytale. Alice is one of Dalí’s favorite images. She is the eternal girl-child who responds to the confusion of the world behind the looking glass with the irrefutable naivety of childhood. After all her meetings with the inhabitants of this fantastic world, she returns to reality not only unharmed but unchanged by her surrealistic experience.  Looking at Dalí’s sculpture we see that Alice’s jump rope has become a twisted cord symbolizing everyday life. Her hands and hair have blossomed into roses symbolizing feminine beauty and eternal youth. The Grecian drapes of her dress symbolize antiquity and the beauty that is respected throughout the ages.

"Bonjour, je suis intéressé par l'achat de cette œuvre. Pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît fournir plus d'informations sur la pièce?"