DULM Henri

Henri Dulm is a French artist, who has been painting New York and its urban skyline since his first trip to the US in 2006.

The artist depicts urban landscapes, with strong lines and horizontal forces of the human world as opposed to the vertical forces of higher aspirations.

His works evolved since his first paintings of the streets of New York. The first pieces were figurative and realistic. The artist's approach changed as he now paints in a more impressionistic style. 

Artistic vision

New York fascination

Henri Dulm wishes to transcribe the emotions he feels in the endless streets of New York. He is inspired by the energy he experiences each time he goes to Manhattan.

The paintings are never depictions of particular areas in New York. The artist chose to depict landscapes from his own memory instead of using photographs.

The remembrance of the urban landscape is more important than the landscape itself. He prefers to evoke the energy and speed of the taxis rather than simply depicting them.

I have always been fascinated and inspired by the verticality of New York. Need for revolt, desire for conquest, architectural challenge or assertion of power; each building expresses its ambition in the aerial silence of the horizon.

Henri Dulm