Jisbar is a French artist born in 1989 and currently based in Amsterdam.

He has been interpreting symbols of pop culture for 10 years. He offered his own interpretation of our consumer society imbued with media and geek references.

The artist depicts with irony references and major figures of pop culture. He is inspired by elements from his everyday life and prefers to represent 'moments of life'. 

The artist is inspired by diverse urban art forms, such as fashion, music, and even the skateboard world. Ode to an era gone and a taste for nostalgia, his artworks crystallize moments from the past. He instinctively and spontaneously paints to express himself. 

Artistic vision

Immortalize the moment

Jisbar says that his artworks represent 'moments of life', similar to memories immortalized in photographs.

Color plays a major role in his compositions. The viewer has to observe every detail and brushstroke to understand the meaning of the artwork.

Jisbar is an artist who paints in a hurry to express his creative spontaneity. This method allows him to work on anecdotes from his daily life and his artistic vision towards our society while keeping his authenticity.

Galerie Montmartre

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The Mona Lisa

Jisbar has been depicting the Mona Lisa for 10 years. This series became his iconic work. He reinterprets Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece from the 16th century in his own style: Mona Street, Mona Smiley, Mona Post-it ...

Jisbar explains his approach: 'Mona Lisa is an iconic universal painting that perfectly represents the image of the woman of her time. It is a captivating painting that has become timeless with an incredible story. That's why it's important to keep this memory while transforming it into something more contemporary.'


A painting in space

This artist explains his new project: ' The punk style allows me to remaster the masterpiece. My Mona Lisa is transgressive and wants to break down boundaries to inspire others. Where else do you want her to go, if not for space?'

His Punk Mona became the first painting sent to space. The artist had to slightly change his technique by using acrylic paint, oil, and aerosol cans in order to create an artwork that could resist the extreme conditions of space.

In June 2021 ...

New exclusive solo show!

Jisbar references music and revisits the greatest hits from the 1970s and 1980s.

The Galerie Montmartre dedicated him a solo show. Jisbar created an unprecedented series that innovates both in terms of theme or formats while keeping his pop street art style. 

La Galerie Montmartre

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