Plastic artist

GAUTIER Stéphane

Stéphane Gautier is a French artist. He is known for his gummy bears artworks.

The artist creates a gelatin teddy bear, which was renamed 'Happy Bear'. The teddy bear is a universal symbol.

Stéphane highlights the power of image and the art of visual manipulation, as the professionals in advertising do.

Stéphane Gautier invites the viewer to self-reflect and to think about childhood and manipulation.

Artistic vision

The symbolism of the gummi bear

The teddy bear is omnipresent in Stéphane Gautier's work.

He moves the objects from one context to another, reappropriating the stereotypical symbols of childhood into an adult environment.

He invites to viewer to discuss the means of representation, on the efficiency of advertisements and propaganda. 

Distorting everyday reality via a magnetic or even charming plastic approach is the way for him to question his guests about the idea of ​​a collective memory, of a common elementary feeling rooted in childhood and its infinite sweetness.

Art & Sound