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JISBAR – Punk Mona Lisa

While we are still waiting for the first woman to step foot on the moon, it is Punk Mona who will gravitate into space. In the year dedicated to the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death, with exhibitions around the world honoring the artist’s legacy, the painting chosen by Jisbar also has a tone of other tribute to the great art master. The moon is part of a broader ambition to explore space, Mars the next step. The next mission will be named Artemis, Apollo’s twin sister, and there is already speculation about the identity of the first woman to set on the moon. But in our mission – First Painting in Space – we do not have doubts or speculation: the most famous woman painted flown to space will be Punk Mona Lisa. « Leonard Da Vinci is one of my favorite artists. Mona Lisa was an iconic painting who represented women at the time. It’s a captivating painting with an incredible history that is why it’s important to keep the memory but turn it into something much more contemporary. » Jisbar first recreated the Mona Lisa 10 years ago. Since then it has become his most iconic piece. For this new project, the artist explains: « Punk Style is for remastering the masterpiece. My Mona Lisa is transgressive and wants to break boundaries, inspire others. Where else could she be? » This is not the first time that a piece of art is going to travel in outer space.
Sculptures and drawings have already been sent there via ob satellites and spacecraft. However, Punk Mona will be the first painting to touch spacial emptiness. To be able to create a painting that goes to space, the artistic process had to be a little bit different. The painter used acrylic, oil, spray paint. All the materials have to fit the launch and face extreme weather and launching conditions.
Another important point is the issue of space debris, which has been increasing exponentially in the past few years. That way, the First Painting in Space has been studied and programmed to leave no residue in space, returning to Earth with all elements it has been launched with, including the painting.

Jan 16th – Feb 11th 2020
Paris, 11 Place du Tertre

Jisbar Punk Mona