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Christophe Drochon

Christophe Drochon

Christophe Drochon

Christophe Drochon was born in Paris, France, in 1963. The artist admits that during his childhood, it was not very apparent that he had the skills to become a successful artist; In fact, his nursery school teacher proclaimed to his mother that her son would “never excel at drawing.” Rather than becoming discouraged, Christophe Drochon devoted himself to improving his skills, and with encouragement from inspiring instructors which he received soon later, he overcame his nursery school teacher’s ill-considered assumption.


As an avid animal lover during his childhood, Christophe Drochon had minimal contact with wildlife and the natural habitats he now brings to life on canvas. All the same, he spent many summers by the ocean in the south-west of France, and the exposure to the colors of nature made a lasting impression upon him. Furthermore, to supplement his love of wildlife, his family moved near the Vincennes Zoological Park when he was entering secondary school. Christophe Drochon’s interest in wildlife grew and evolved as he spent many afternoons in observation of numerous different species, sketching them, becoming familiar with their ways, and eventually developing a real sense of empathy for them. In fact, by looking into their eyes, he felt a connection with them and an understanding that led him to completely reconsider human beings and their real place in the world.


Christophe Drochon’s painting attainably demonstrates the mastery of a hyper-realistic technique that will presumably delight and fascinate fans of nature. Though, his work departs from the conventional approach to wildlife art in that he uses the medium to explore universal questions about life. In his paintings, the animal and the scenery are often supplementing as symbols to express ideas, and to illustrate emotional events in his personal life. Through the creation of his paintings, Christophe Drochon also hopes to inspire an awareness of the fragility of the world. Many of his paintings focus on the eyes of the animal, and with these astonishingly intimate portraits, he allows us, at a glance, to glimpse the soul of the natural world, and in the process, brings us closer to an understanding of ourselves.


Show : Wild Walls