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David Gerstein

David Gerstein

David Gerstein - Flight

Gerstein has been developing his talent for art from a very early age. His passion has brought him to study in many of the world’s most prestigious art schools: Bezadel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Beaux-Arts in Paris, Art Students League of New York and Central Saint Martins in London.

In the late 80s, David Gernstein created a series of pieces called ‘Sculpted Figures’ sculpting wood and metal in an original three-dimensional way.

Today he uses a laser to carve aluminum for a more precise and light finish. In fact, his figurative work ‘multiples’ expresses a deceiving naive, careless or somewhat ironic vision of our consuming society. His hand painted sculptures are rich in colour and attempt to represent the variety of experiences of modern and urban life. The artist has many sources of inspiration, such as pop art, cartoon art, advertising, toys, childhood, nature and the general circus of day to day life.

It should be emphasized that Gerstein’s affinity to traditional Pop Art took place in the eighties, when shapes and images from popular culture around the world took on a monolithic, humorless, glassy and frozen character. Think of the transition from the soft, monumental sculpture of Claes Oldenburg – the “low” everyday objects, such as a piece of cake, an ice-cream cone, a clothespin or lipstick – to the cold, metallic and “soulless” objects of Jeff Koons. No other period of modern history has produced such a quantity of artists who were involved in so many aspects of mass culture.


Gerstein, however, did not yield to the influence of popular culture in the sense of sterile, alienated and subversive ideological imitation. He never gave up his warm relationship and deep involvement with the images which he creates, and the Post-Modern ideology, like every other ideology, was never really his cup of tea.


Show : Flying Colors 

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