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Nathalie Cohen

Nathalie Cohen

Nathalie Cohen

Nathalie Cohen was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1970. Following her departure from the company she had managed for fifteen years, the artist from then forward decided to focus exclusively on her first passion, art and more specifically, Kinetic Art. Characterized by an introduction of scientific technology, Kinetic Art differs from other movements as it redefines the spatial, temporal, and dynamic rules of physics. In the thought of its quasi-manipulation of such laws, Nathalie Cohen achieves this by focusing on the works own unique production of synergy in addition to the environment (in terms of light, sound or chromatic scales) which feasibly brings the artwork to life.  Likely stimulated by this interaction, the viewer believably then becomes an actor in this purely sensorial creation process.

Apropos to the medium Nathalie Cohen utilizes to produce her diverse collection of works, her vibrantly designed works of art involves the acidic compound methacrylate, which characterizes itself as viscous and transparent. However, once having gone through its own unique creative method, the collective of the materials conceivably denotes to an explosively colored representation which invites us to dive into a multi-dimensionally complex and astonishing universe.


Nathalie Cohen has just entered into the private collection at the POPA (Porrentruy Optical Art) which is proud to present itself as the first European museum dedicated to visual art. Concerning to where in the world Nathalie Cohen’s work may be found, she exhibits in numerous internationally renowned galleries such as Bel-Air Fine Art (Paris, Geneva, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Venice, etc.), Besseiche-Lartigue Galery (Paris, Courchevel, Gantois, Cannes), Grulier Gallery (Courchevel), Wanrooij Gallery. In addition to Nathalie Cohen’s presence in commercial galleries, she has also  showcased her work in major contemporary art fairs such as Arts Elysées Paris, Scope Miami, Scope Basel, Central Art Hong Kong, Los Angeles Art Show, Art Wynwood (Miami), SP-Arte in Sao Paolo.