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Patrice Roland

Patrice Roland

Patrice Roland meets his artistic desire, for the first time, during an art exhibition at the Guggenheim museum in Venice.

As Anatole France used to say “In love and in the arts, the instinct is what you need.” For this reason, the artist has begun his career by following those instincts that brought him to develop his own style. Roland can sometimes be inspired by specific moments as much as travels or geometric forms or his life experiences.

Such things as colours or geometric forms have been the artist’s first encounters and, only in a second time, Roland has decided to uses those forms and shapes to represent ordinary life moments, Sunday lunches, mornings and memories. Also, the artist keeps on producing more abstract works, inspired by his rough feelings and not necessarily connected with personal experiences.

Patrice Roland loves to paint with music. According to him, the vibrations can meet the colours and create or destroy something in order to produce something new. He loves having an idea in mind, but not following it and, as final result, producing something even deeper and astonishing.