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Snoek & Hagens - Interference-Sublime-on-Steroids-no.-2

Snoek & Hagens

Snoek & Hagens

Snoek & Hagens

Saar Snoek (1974) and Sasja Hagens (1973) paint together. One starts, the other intervenes. The series Interference – Sublime on Steroids is a series of archetypal and iconic landscapes in which they paint the best of nature, but better.

Sasja Hagens Biography

Sasja Hagens lives and works in Rotterdam. In 1992 she was admitted to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, from which she graduated in 1996.

Her work has been exhibited in (among other places) Hong Kong, Basel, Helsinki, and Milan.

Saar Snoek Biography

Saar Snoek lives and works in Groningen and Rotterdam. She studied painting at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

She has specialized in traditional textile techniques as well as in digital CAD/CAM fabrication. In 2017 she won a competition at the World of Wearable Arts in Wellington (New Zealand), and her work is represented in their permanent collection.

Saar Snoek and Sasja Hagens paint together

Snoek & Hagens StudioHagesn recalls the debut to their collaboration as, “Saar walked into an exhibition of mine and said: good, but it could be better. How? I asked. This is how our collaboration started”.

Hagen’s and Snoek both studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague but pursued different directions, and after 25 years they met again. Snoek proclaims that Sasja is a true painter’s painter, while she considers herself to be more of an inventor or producer.

The duo both confess their love of ancient Asian art, uniquely Japanese and Hagens has in point of fact developed a method which emulates the traditional Japanese technique of painting on silk.

Hagens lastly mentions “I find that interesting: are those iconic images devaluated because they have been banalized by mass culture, or do they retain their value”?