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Benedicte Dubart

Benedicte Dubart

Benedicte DubartShe sculpts only what she feels, deeply autobiographic, her works draw out our emotions towards misery, misfortune, joy, and love.

Far from slipping into the strange and chaotic philosophy that prevailed at the end of last century and tired of provocation and innovation for their own sake, she leans more towards the ideology of the Masters. For instance: Michaelangelo, Carpeaux, Rodin and Claudel, Bourdèle, Maillol who preceded her in putting forward both the force and energy of movement as well as the harmony of both combined.

After ten years of learning the necessary techniques for figurative sculpture, she allows herself day and night to be guided by celestial energies. As soon as art becomes a cultural product, Bénédicte Dubart willingly devotes all her time to it