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Jean-François Larrieu

Jean-François Larrieu

Jean-François LarrieuJean-François Larrieu is a self-taught painter who was born in 1960 in Tarbes, France. He lives and works between Paris and the South of France. He’s been acting as president for the Paris’ Salon d’Automne and the French government affiliated Foundation for Graphic and Plastic Arts since 1990.

Jean-François Larrieu uses his paintings as a reflection of soul and culture. He amazes the spectators and invites them to enter a universe of colours.

Many of his paintings are inspired by his journeys to dynamic places such as Manhattan, Hong Kong, Dubaï or Paris, the atmosphere of which is reflected in the complexity of his works. Through his pictorial expression, Jean-François Larrieu is seen as the direct follower of Paul Klee and Joan Miro.

His first focus was the theme of a tree and how the roots are a must in everybody’s existence. Jean-François Larrieu superimposes his forms creating a system of joyful, colourful symbols referring to multicultural and universal contexts. With his distinctive language,  he draws a magical landcape ruled by imagination and mystery.

Jean-François Larrieu’s works combine joyful and enchanting superimposed and repetitive forms. He has created a distinctive language choreographed in multicolored mosaic-like oil paintings of exotic landscapes and cityscapes stippled with all sorts of magical figures, trees and birds which transports the viewer beyond the ordinary to a fantastical and imaginary world.

Through his paintings, Larrieu invites us to join him on a fabulous journey into his magical cities where Roman and Gothic porches; Baroque palaces, the China of Marco Polo as well as the Venice of Casanova are strongly reminiscent. When the painted cities on canvas is near completion, the artist ingeniously conjures into being an emblematic figure, which oft most is an animal. The beauty and elegance of Larrieu’s paintings will bring forth from the audience certain appreciation; where the meanders are different, the cities enchanting and the journey is never the same each time.


Show : Oct 13th – Nov 12th 2019