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Jisbar - N Flower



Jisbar - Freedom Archer

Jisbar is a French pop-street artist who was born in Paris in 1989.

The artist is renowned for his remakes of the widely celebrated classical historical paintings and figures which include Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo, and Basquiat & Warhol’s boxing. Jisbar believes that his creations are an invitation to discover or rediscover some of the most well-known works in history which concurrently contain some visual vernacular; for instance, the various codes of pop-street art. The multiple symbols as a collective unavoidably relay a touch of modernity that perhaps bring the historical originals to be more accessible to the less familiar viewer. Each one of Jisbars’s paintings is more than just an homage, as it has been enriched with words, sentences, numbers. They illustrate a whole new story to decrypt and push the spectator to focus on every single detail, thus enabling him to find new elements at every new glance.


Despite the fact, the artist is still primarily based in the French capital, Jisbar’s work may be found in fine art galleries in cites around the world such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Bangkok, Paris, Venice, Lausanne, and Australia Gold Coast. Moreover, the artist’s work maybe also be found in two celebrated museums: The Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi and The National Museum of Immigration’s History in Paris.  Finally yet importantly in addition to his collaboration with art galleries and museums, Jisbar aforesaid is predictably a prominent figure in the world of pop-street art who collaborates with major brands such as JM Weston, Armani, and BMW.


Withal mentioned concerning Jisbar as an individual in 2011, the artist founded the team The Bang Gang clan which is a collective of self admittingly rebellious Parisian street artist who meet up at various cafes around the capitol to show their work.   The group, as its number one priority, aims to push young artists to help in their artistic endeavors.