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L’Homme au Papillon

L’Homme au Papillon

Salvador Dali

 Hauteur 55.5 cm | Height 21.85 inches
Sculpture en bronze | Bronze sculpture

Numérotée sur 350 exemplaires + 35 E.A | Numbered out of 350 pieces + 35 A.P
3 Certificats d’authenticité | 3 Certificates of authenticity 
Prix sur demande | Price on request


This image of this elegant sculpture was originally designed as part of the Dalí’s famous Tarot series, which was created specifically for his wife and muse, Gala.  The figure of Man with Butterfly leaves the banality of the everyday grounded world for that of the butterfly, which, being lighter, will give the man wings and help him soar to a different physical plane – one where he can shed daily worries and habitual restraint.

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