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Michel Bassompierre

Michel Bassompierre

Michel BassompiereMichel Bassompierre, born in Paris in 1948, is a French animal sculptor. Bears, horses, elephants and gorillas are his favorite subjects.

His mother was an artist which presumably cultivated his early aspirations to become a sculptor. To deepen the insight given to him from his mother, Michel Bassompierre enrolled himself at the Ecole des Beaux-Art in Rouen.  There he trained in René Leleu’s workshop and at that point, he developed his knowledge of animal anatomy, for example, the skeleton and muscles.


Michel Bassompierre’s training in the workshop not only exposed him to potential subject matter that would later inspire him like animals and anatomy, but it also improved his observation and reflective skills. Concerning, the method he employs for his sculptors, Michel Bassompierre likes to play with the shadows to better emphasize the sculpture’s volumes. For him, freedom is the mastery of anatomical and technical constraints, and after fifty years of maturation, he has finally accomplished his life’s work. He explains, “I may have been born with a pencil, and I was not a musician nor an accountant, nor anything, I was a sculptor … The sculpture is the materialization of a dream. The dream of giving something happened in my head”.


As a result of Michel Bassompierre’s creative approach to sculpture, he is regarded as one of the most important sculptors in the contemporary setting.  His recognition is not solely the product of his education, but his aptitude as well to instill discipline into a singular and new style which is recognizable at first glance. Attractive and endearing, his work has traveled the world, letting escape his mastery in the mediums of marble and bronze in the four corners of the globe.


Regarding the location of his exhibitions, Michel Bassompierre has exhibited and currently exhibits in Geneva, Courchevel, Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Cannes, Dinard, La Baule, Arcachon, Megève and Pont-Aven. In 1989, he won the Grand National Exhibition Award of Animal Artists, and in 1990, he won the Prix Marcel Edouard Sandoz in 1998 and the gold medal of the French Artists Salon.

The sculptures of Michel Bassompierre, bears, primates, frogs, horses, elephants, represent several hundred pieces.

His bear its gorillas, elephants, exposed in the great Parisian salons are quick to snatch prices. The awards follow one another: Silver Medal, Gold and Grand Salon des Artistes French Prix, Grand National Exhibition Award of Animal Artists.

In 1998 he was invited with Olivier Debré to exhibit at Gobelins in Paris Circle.

In 2015, he was the guest of honor of the Museum François Pompon Saulieu part of the exhibition “brown bears.”

After this exhibition, Michel Bassompierre donated to the Museum François Pompon one of his works entitled “Salmon No. 1”. This sculpture is visible in one of the rooms of the museum dedicated to wildlife artists donated invited to exhibit there.

“Initially he thinks of the structure, the inner line, the envelope, plans and volumes that will soften that the shadow does not eat light wishing that this remains a scupture, but gradually it becomes something else: life seems to be there! “

His bears, horses, elephants and gorillas invade other galleries and collections around the world.