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Nasser Al-Aswadi

Nasser Al-Aswadi

Nasser Al-Aswadi

Nasser Al-Aswadi was born the 4th of October 1978 at Al Hujr village, which is located within proximity to Taiz, the third-largest city in Yemen. While artist spent his childhood years in Al Hujur, at the age of 16 years, the slightly older, Nasser Al-Aswadi decided to move first to the vibrant city of Taiz then Sanna to pursue an education in architecture. While the artist is a Yemenis native, he has additionally established himself in the French town Marseille since 2008

Nasser Al-Aswadi strongly believes that calligraphy is an excellent medium to express feelings and thoughts henceforth, his signature technique involves the interlacing of Arabic letters, words, and forms as well as religious and musical sources. Withal, the wide variety of meanings and styles feasibly nourish the artist’s creativity.

Regarding the artist’s source of inspiration, he claims that his work is invigorated by the events which take place at his native Arab Spring along with the daily realities, rural landscapes, architecture, and public crowds on the streets. He explains that during the time of his childhood, he was always keen to translate this experience into an artistic setting. Furthermore, Nasser Al-Aswadi clarifies that in each piece of work, he picks the most effective style of calligraphy, which will inevitably elucidate his keen sense of passion. The letters and words are not drawn on a straight line, but painted and stacked separately and are identical, tangled, and lost in the imaginary space of the painting.

The purpose of using interlocking letters is to offer his artistic style.  Despite the fact Nasser Al-Aswadi has exhausted all the different methods of Arabic, his works unquestionably create a world in which his pieces are abstract and inspired by everyday events which concomitantly direct us towards the energy and light. The careful structuring of the calligraphy is the core of Nasser Al-Aswadi’s work, and it strays from the regular usage of those terms to enable others to enter into a world of sign and visual language.

Since 2008, Nasser Al-Aswadi has been living between Marseille and Sanaa. His calligraphies often refer to mythical Arabic legends. He cuts out pieces of palimpsests where the words are transformed into visual signs assembled in a geometrical form.

The colours he uses refer to the Hugariyya mountains, from his childhood town. His compositions in ink are arranged with the use of ornate calligraphy. His works are original and embrace all sorts of cultural contexts.