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Onemizer - Time is MoneyOnemizer was born in 1987 in the south of France.

He spent a part of his childhood in Africa where he discovered his passion for art. When he returned to France in 2006 he discovered graffiti, whilst walking through Paris with his parents. His museums are the walls on the side of motorways or the Metro. The artist saw graffiti everywhere, on the street, on the freeway and in the metro. He claims that the Parisian metro is a museum in his eyes.

After high school, he decided to study design which would have allowed him to work in an artistic field, but Onemizer at that moment decided to continue being an artist and he would perfect his skills through self-education. Little by little, he progressed as he moved from the wall to the canvas.  Along with hours of dedication toward improving his painting skills, Onemizer was highly encouraged by his friends to showcase his work to the public.


In addition to his infatuation with graffiti, Onemizer is also very much inspired by the famous pop art classics such as Basquiat and Warhol; Onemizer admits that he enjoys revisiting portraits of personalities and objects marked by history. Concerning his artistic methodology, the creation begins with the development of a large panel which represents a variety of different artistic styles. He claims that he always includes graffiti. About the different kinds of materials he uses, they include the following: spray paint, stencils, drawings, posca, brushes, ink. With a large variety of techniques, the artist is easily able to rejuvenate his art. The artist exclaims “ It’s the visual impact and the tremor of the colors that cause each of the paintings to become more iconic than the other.


Onemizer exhibits his art in many different cities. A few to mention are Paris, Courchevel, Mégève, Cannes, Singapore, Honfleur, London, Bordeaux. In addition to his success with galleries, he also has with one hundred other internationally acclaimed artists who as a collective painted the world’s most extensive graffiti on canvas in Dubai on November 2014.

In collaboration with the Galerie Montmartre, Onemizer is working with portraits of letters and people or objects that are part of History and of his own story.