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Adam et Eve

Adam et Eve

Salvador Dali

 Hauteur 52 cm | Height 20.47 inches
Sculpture en bronze | Bronze sculpture

Numérotée sur 350 exemplaires + 35 E.A | Numbered out of 350 pieces + 35 A.P
3 Certificats d’authenticité | 3 Certificates of authenticity 
Prix sur demande | Price on request


In one exquisite artwork, Dalí deftly portrays the Garden of Eden: Adam, Eve, and the serpent, as well as the intricate tension between the three. The artist captures the very moment Eve offers Adam the forbidden fruit – astonished, Adam raises his hand in indecision, unsure of their fate should he relinquish himself to the enticing temptation. In an attempt to comfort the doomed couple, aware of the heartache that lies ahead, the serpent coils himself in the shape of a heart, reminding Adam and Eve that love creates a whole which is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

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