DALÍ Salvador

Horse Saddled With Time

multiple numbered in 350 pieces

Bronze sculpture, lost-wax process. With certificate of authenticity and foundry certificate.

Numbered in: 350 + 35 E.A.
Conceived: 1980
First cast: 1980
Foundry: Perseo (with foundry certificate)
Reference : R. & N. Descharnes Salvador Dalí Sculptures & Objects. Eccart. Ref. 650, page 252.

Dali believed that humans cannot rely on the non-dreaming or “real” world to show the absolute truth. This theme is evident in his sculpture Horse Saddled with Time. The hotde, one of the famous Dalinian images, is saddled with Dalinian time: it is time which controls all of man’s passage. Man believes he is in control of the voyage, but it is always “time” who is the ultimate rider. The famous melted whatch is used in place of a normal saddle. This surrealist beast can not be ridden or tamed by man, only admired for its beauty and perpetuity. The horse is portayed as the representation of life weighted down and harnessed by time symbolic of man’s fleeting voyage through life.

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