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Flying Colors

Galerie Montmartre is proud to present such a vast array of works by David Gerstein. Since the start of our collaboration in
2011, the artist has brought us into his enchanted univers, thanks to his lasercut, finely chiseled sculptures arisen from his vivid
A painter as well as a sculptor, David Gerstein shows in his works his very personal vision of a poetic, joyful and colorful world,
inspired by nature, sport and urban life. Monumental sculptures of his can be seen all around the world, from France to the US,
from Asia to Israel. Momentum for example, a striking 18m high sculpture, composed of 175 individual figures, each laser cut
and hand painted, is exhibited since 2007 in the heart of the Business District in Singapore.
Through this exhibition, Galerie Montmartre is glad to share the optimism and benevolent humor of this artist who reveals
movement though color

May 28th – Jul 11th 2015
Paris, 11 Place du Tertre

David Gerstein Flying Colors