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L’Homme Oiseau

L’Homme Oiseau

Salvador Dali

 Hauteur 27 cm | Height 10.62 inches
Sculpture en bronze | Bronze sculpture

Numérotée sur 350 exemplaires + 35 E.A | Numbered out of 350 pieces + 35 A.P
3 Certificats d’authenticité | 3 Certificates of authenticity 
Prix sur demande | Price on request


The theme of the birdman comes from antiquity.  In ancient Egypt he appeared as Horus, a God with a man’s body and the head of a heron. Dalí combines two incongruous parts substituting the head of a human figure with the head of a heron, making the human half bird and the bird half-human.  One cannot distinguish which of the two is dominant.  Man is not always that which he appears, Dalí wants to leave us in doubt, it is his game. The smooth polished surface of the sculpture’s body is contrasted by the naturally unworked beak and head.  From one arm dangles a length of a cloth, and another piece seems to be swept back from his head by a breeze depicting the need for modern accoutrements.  On the back of the figure, Dalí has moulded further unexplained draperies emphasizing modern man’s dependence on material possessions.

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