Art leasing


Whether you are acting as a company Managing Director or a liberal profession, Galerie Montmartre provides you with financing solutions personalized to your project and your needs.


  • You are a business owner/manager or a liberal profession;
  • Your activity is domiciled in Belgium, France, Luxembourg or the Netherlands;

Art leasing is a tax exemption tool that allows you to spread out the purchase of a work of art and become its owner at the end of the monthly payments.
It helps preserve your cash flow and the company’s borrowing capacity.


Cette image représente une sculpture de l'artiste Salvador Dalí intitulée "Profil du Temps" Réalisée en bronze à la cire perdue, elle représente une horloge fondue sur un arbres à deux branches, aux couleurs vertes et dorées avec un socle. Elle mesure 51 cm et est exposée à la Galerie Montmartre à Paris, France.
  • No contribution necessary;
  • You have the choice to finance a work by a living artist or not;
  • Your rents are deductible from taxable income;
  • Your cash flow is preserved;
  • You retain your borrowing and investment capacity;
  • You benefit from a very advantageous purchase option at the end of the contract;
  • You build your artistic heritage at a lower cost;
  • You strengthen the brand image of your workplace;
  • You promote your company to your employees, customers and partners.

WHY TRUST THE Galerie Montmartre?

We cover all stages of your project:
– Artwork selection,
– Negotiation with financing,
– Follow-up with your accountant,
– Delivery with insurance.

Benefit from the advice of a team trained in both business management and art curation.
Our advisors support you in complete transparency, for a high level of quality.

Conduct your acquisition projects with complete peace of mind.
Our mission is to ensure the security of your acquisitions through a demanding selection of financial partners.

Receive your first simulations within the day.
Benefit from a single point of contact who listens to your needs.
Our team adapts in order to complete your projects within the stipulated deadlines.

Contact our team and get a personalized leasing simulation within the day:

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