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Find all press articles and media talking about the gallery: printed press, online magazines, international media and art market specialists.


Find all press articles and media talking about the gallery: printed press, online magazines, international media and art market specialists.

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Luz Severino interview in Connaissance des Arts

Le 20 septembre 2023, la Galerie Montmartre vous conviait à la rencontre de Luz Severino. Connaissance des Arts revient sur le parcours artistique de l’artiste, sa technique et son plaidoyer pour la préservation de la nature.
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Interview: Alex and Eliott Doppia for Connaissance des Arts

Discover the cross-interview with Alex and Eliott Doppia by French leading magazine, Connaissance des Arts.
Since its founding, the gallery has been a place of excitement and exchange for artists from all backgrounds. A vision which is expressed today through the transmission between two generations of gallerists, united by their love for technique.
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Video: Alex and Eliott Doppia for Forbes

The gallery’s first video interview goes to Forbes. The magazine first learned about the gallery’s work on social media and got interested in its dicourse.
In this interview filmed at the famous Fouquet’s restaurant in Paris, director Alex Doppia and manager Eliott Doppia discuss the positioning of the gallery, their artistic choices, their vision for digital art and NFTs.
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Full-page in Connaissance des Arts

In this interview by journalist Guillaume Morel, Alex and Eliott Doppia address the identity and singularity of the Galerie Montmartre through its artistic selection. A dialogue between two generations, who complement and enrich each other.
This unprecedented spotlight from the leading French art magazine rewards the in-depth work carried out by the gallery team.
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Léo Caillard and Galerie Montmartre in ‘Le Marché de l’Art’ special guide

The Galerie Montmartre in this first edition of the special magazine published by Connaissance des Arts and Les Echos.
To illustrate a section dedicated to the growing phenomenon of NFTs, she highlights Léo Caillard and his Love 3.0, an NFT inspired by The Abduction of Proserpina by Pluto (Girardon, 17th century).
Love 3.0 was sold at auction in March 2022 at Fauve, at the price of €15,600.

The Modern Met talks the new Face to Face exhibition

American media My Modern Met published an article about the ‘Face to Face’ exhibition in April 2022. This event by the Galerie Montmartre brings together artists Gil Bruvel and Silvio Porzionato for the first time.
A dialogue between two international talents with different mediums but driven by the same passion for technique.
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Young talent Skima joins the Galerie Montmartre

In 2022, Galerie Montmartre announced its collaboration with French emerging artist Skima. This was the first time that the young talent joined an art gallery.
For the occasion, French magazine Le Journal des Arts devoted an article to Skima’s arrival in Paris and the preparation of a first event.
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Alex Doppia shares his projects and expectations with Artnet

The gallery Director is asked a few question by Artnet, the leading international platform dedicated to the art market.
He speaks about what he’s most looking forward to in 2021.
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Luz Severino special event

September 2023
List of works presented by Luz Severino during the unveiling of her official monograph.

Face to Face exhibition

April 2022
Catalogue from the first art show bringing Gil Bruvel and Silvio Porzionato together.

The New Age of Classics exhibition

October 2021
Catalogue from our great 2021 exhibition with Giorgio Tentolini and Léo Caillard.

The Imaginary Museum exhibition by Patrick Rubinstein

October 2020
Catalogue from the exclusive solo show by Patrick Rubinstein.

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