Painter, Sculptor


Born in 1962 in the Dominican Republic, Luz Severino studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo as long as engineering in civil engineering.

She works on canvas and handmade paper. A great technical mastery gives the strength of her unique pictorial universe. Her colorful pictorial identity is very much influenced by Dominican culture and society which have become her sources of inspiration. In a neo-figurative gesture, the artist never seems to finish her work. Every corner turns into an endless web.

Dentro Del Bosque

Living artworks

Luz traces and paints vertical structures which can be found in many series of her later works which mainly represented figures, even characters. Here, these verticals punctuate the entire surface of the paintings and engage the gaze towards a perceptual rhythm close to Op Art or Kinetic Art. Surrounded by colored threads, these kinds of stems and tree trunks move and obliterate the background of the painting which most frequently represents bushy trees.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

On Ariane's thread

An engaged artwork

The trees represented are the most symbolic and widespread themes. The philosopher Mircea Eliade distinguishes seven main interpretations, which he does not consider exhaustive, but which all revolve around the living cosmos in perpetual regeneration. Indeed, the trees, understood as real subjects, are sociable entities, distinct, by their volume, their colors and medium. The entire work intertwines to weave links and communicate together like a living family.

More than a denunciation of the climatic emergency in which we live, Luz uses her mediums not in a dramatic way, but puts more emphasis on the power of trees and their infinite interaction thanks to the colors used, in particular an omnipresent white, the color of purity, enhanced by sewn colored threads, like Ariane's threads.

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