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Arman was born in 1928 in the South of France and he begins at a very young age to study the multiple objects exposed in his father’s boutique. The artist has a first encounter with art at the age of 10, when he starts painting. He will meet Yves Klein at the age of 19.

Arman studies at the Arts Décoratifs school in Nice and then at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. After his studies, the artist decides to move to Spain.

It’s in 1951 that Arman comes back to France, where he meets different artists and begins to develop his own artistic vision. The artist exposes his works in 1961 in New York where he presents to the world several creations realized with innovative materials such as the plexiglass and polyester. During this period, Arman creates the “accumulations” series and in 1962 with another series, the “combustions”. Arman’s success will grow during the 80s and the 90s and throughout these years, he will also develop new techniques.

Arman has created monumental sculptures for the Elysée in Paris, the Lincoln Center in New York and the Saint Lazare train station in Paris.

The artist died in 2005, but his works is now exposed worldwide.