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François Bel

François Bel

François Bel is an artist from Lyon, France. He is a painter, a sculptor and even capable of realising art installations. His inspirations come from different art movements such as the Street Art, and some trend of the “New Realism” such as the Dada and the Pop Art as much as the “Ready Made” concept by Marchel Duchamp.

The artist is capable of working with the most different materials such as nylon for his suspensions or iron for his inclusions. The final result of his work can be considered as a critic to our society mainly built on values such as the individualism and the materialism.

The series of works named “Big Bang” is composed by sculptures created with acrylic glass where the artist has chosen to include some objects from everybody’s daily life. With his creations, François Bel has chosen to stop the time in a society where everything goes faster in order to create memories that can help the observer of the piece to collect memories.

This kind of work is a mix of multiple feelings such as frustration, but also fascination.