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Serge Mendjisky is a French painter born in 1929. He became familiar with art at an early age as his father, Maurice Mendjisky, was a painter at the 'Ecole de Paris'.

He studied Fine Arts in Paris. He quickly gained recognition and started to exhibit in Europe, Japan, and the USA.

His method consists of using photographs for his preliminary studies. He breaks down and recomposes the landscapes of the biggest city capitals in the world. As such, the artist creates new urban landscapes questioning our perception.

His work is included in the collections of private collectors and also in public collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

Artistic vision

Deconstructing our perception

The artist depicts mostly world-known urban landscapes, that he redefines and reformulates in a new reality. 

The volumes, colors, and light create new connections between Time and Space.

Through Serge Mendjisky's creative lens, Broadway becomes an explosion in multicolored lights, while DownTown New York dances poetically to the music of a cello. 

The analytical deconstruction of his photographs, inspired by cubism, has become more complex over the years. [...]
With each experience, the artist invites us to a visual stimulation of an always renewed dynamic.

Hervé Le Goff

La Galerie Montmartre

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