Simone Benedetto

Simone Benedetto was born in Turin in 1985, where he lives and works.

He goes to the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and then consolidates his artistic knowledge with experiences abroad. During his early work, he develops the idea that the art is always connected with social themes.

His work is above all the product of careful observation of daily life, carried out with a critical eye. In particular, the artist wants to point out the contradictions and the difficulties of contemporary society to offer food for thought.

Looking at Simone's works, one will surely find more questions than answers.

Artistic process

The expression of the object

An essential part of the artist's work is his use of the most disparate materials.
His plural approach includes the use of semi-precious stones, bronze, cement, resin or even silicone.

This approach illustrates the quest of Simone Benedetto; that of a material capable of effectively expressing the relationship between Man and his obsessions.

His sculptures have a great, clear and explicit visual impact. They push us to think on the effects of our growing addiction to technologies, social networks and the internet.

Giovanni Mavaracchio

Key theme

The isolation of the individual

His works are like vignettes taken from our daily lives; scenes of life that invite a critical and introspective look at the limits and contradictions of our modern societies.

The most recurring theme in the artist's sculptures is the relationship between Man and his gadgets, as today the object tends to become more and more the subject.