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Simone Benedetto

Simone Benedetto

Simone Benedetto is born in Turin in 1985 where he still lives and works. He studied fine arts at the Italian Accademia Albertina even if some experiences abroad have proven to be fundamentals for the artist to finally develop his artistic concept, especially that one connected with social themes.

His works come from a careful observation of everyday life, made mostly through the lenses of a critical eye. What the artist aims to underline is the contradictions and problems of our society, in order to offer to the spectator something to think about. More questions than answers are what the observer can get from Simone’s pieces.

Another fundamental point in the artist’s work is the constant experimentation of new materials for his sculptures. The artist can, in fact, use bronze, stone and resin as much as more modern materials such as silicon.

The most recurrent theme is Benedetto’s pieces seems to be the relation between man and objects and, specifically, how the object tends to become the subject nowadays.