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Giorgio Tentolini

Giorgio Tentolini

Giorgio Tentolini was born in Italy in 1978.

In his works, coexist contrasts elsewhere irreconcilable: ethereal and tangible, material and immaterial, sharpness and indistinct rarefaction, bodily and incorporeal.

Through the superimposition of facial features the spectator, walking through space, constructs a summa of fragmentary visions, looking for the point where the image is defined and, at the same time, its identification in the world. Moving away, the viewer sees the image in its complexity, sees all the details of the face or a body; approaching, he sees it dissolve before his eyes in the constellation of hexagonal elements that make up the wire mesh.

Using the documentary power of the photographic medium, the memory and the concept of void Giorgio Tentolini, presents the spectator with mesh wire compositions, interacting with light and the viewer’s perception.