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Patrick Rubinstein

Patrick Rubinstein

Patrick Rubinstein

Patrick Rubinstein work’s are in line with ‘Op Art’. Optical art, also known as Kinetic art in movement. While drawing inspiration from the techniques of Kinetic Art, and pop art subject matters.

Rubinstein was born in 1960 in Paris. His childhood marked him lastingly and would later feed his artistic language. Paris lived through the time of British rock, cinema and American pop.

The artist grew up in a family that made him very aware of art. Patrick Rubinstein inherited his passion for cinema from his mother, and an inventive spirit from his father as he was the first to introduce Patrick to the techniques of kinetic art.

At the age of 18, he sells his first work of art. Then it is only many years later, that Rubinstein perfects his technique and his artistic language to offer the internationally recognized works of today.

As a result he artist draws his themes from both the past and the present. He carves out his works like a goldsmith. The results are striking! Patrick Rubinstein presents the viewer with his futuristic and avant-garde works, works at the crossroads of Optical, Pop, and Street Art.

The Collection pieces are best known and have granted the artist huge success.

The artist has revisited the most renowned icons from the second half of 20th century, he indulges in the coloured universe of Pop of the 1960’s, tinted in black and white glamour from the 50’s and shaken by the anarchic madness of street art from the 80’s to the present day.

The ‘Collection’ pieces are conceived in the same spirit as Andy Warhol or Robert Indiana, and so revisited by the codes to create this universal emotion.


ʺAn artwork is successful when it stirs emotions  – and emotions touch us deep down, they affect our memory”  /Patrick Rubinstein/


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