DALÍ Salvador

Dalinian Dancer

multiple numbered in 350 pieces

Bronze sculpture, lost-wax process. With certificate of authenticity and foundry certificate.

Numbered in: 350 + 35 E.A.
Conceived: 1949
First cast: 1984
Foundry: Perseo (with foundry certificate)
Reference : R. & N. Descharnes Salvador Dalí Sculptures & Objects. Eccart. Ref. 646, page 251.

Inspired by her own inner force, this vibrant dancer moves to the intense and passionate rhythms of the Spanish flamenco. Dali was fascinated with the art and spirit of dance, especially that of the flamenco, emblematic of his homeland, and known for exploring the full range of human emotions. The dancer’s skirts twirl around her in a spontaneous display of vitality and ecstasy.

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