DALÍ Salvador

Saint George & the Dragon

Multiple numbered in 350 pieces

Bronze sculpture, lost-wax process. With certificate of authenticity and foundry certificate.

Numbered in: 350 + 35 E.A.
Conceived: 1977
First cast: 1984
Foundry: Perseo (with foundry certificate)
Reference : R. & N. Descharnes Salvador Dalí Sculptures & Objects. Eccart. Ref. 613, Page 238.

Dali against transforms a traditional image by adding new and unexpected symbolic connotations. The classis interpretation of “St George and the Dragon” is commonly seen as the saint’s battle against heresy and evil, St George being the guardian angel of Aragon and a celebrated saint of chivalry throughout medieval Europe. In this sculpture, we can see the artist himself, represented by St George, slaying the dragon, while his inspirational muse, Surrealist Art, exalts in background. Metamorphic touches find their way into his sculpture too: the dragon’s wings turn into flames, and the monster’s tongue is a crutch, a favorite Dalinian image. We see a woman with her arm raised in the sign of victory.

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